get all 4 repair items and reach the level end on the far right side 

- Drag Washy with mouse: is the main movement control (it is timed - you can not hold Washy for ever)

- Spacebar: for activating and deactivating the "Wash mode" which will drop Washy momentum to a near stop

- left/ right arrows: slight movement to the sides

- Z/X keys: rolling Washy, its good for bumping Washy when on floor so you could throw him with the mouse 

Try to help Washy escape
its a short distance but you will find out quickly that 
Washy is not that easy to move around :)

Created Washy during Global Game Jam 2020 

Hope it will make you smile

Music by: Alon Kaplan

Updated 11 days ago
Published 23 days ago
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Watch Game Jam Feedback 2020-02-09 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

(1 edit)

Thanks Joshua for playing seeing your frustration  was kinda nice up to the point I saw it was too much :/
then I thought to myself  "oooops.. I over did it.."

defiantly agree about the mechanics and controls.. I spent so much time of the whole
48 hours on trying to nail them and ended up overdoing by a long shot.. 
I did all the art, game design coding. so at some point had
to say "it is what it is" for the controls and move on so Ill have a working thing at the end

BTW: about the music - thats is the only thing I did not do: it was done by Alon Kaplan 
I credit him on Global Game Jam 2020 site. Could not find a place to enter "team" on Itch (Im new to this platform)
guess ill add him to the description (which people apparently actually read :)) 

BTW2: you missed the coolest part of the music as you didn't activated the "washing" mode 

Your feedback is so valuable - this is my first time I do a game jam
and those insights are gold for my next games 

So thanks :)

(1 edit) (+1)

you have a fun concept but the main problem is the inconsistent physics, I would get frustrated when I click on washy one time and he goes flying then I click on him another and he stiffly drops into the spikes below, I pick him up once I hold him for what feels like 3 seconds the next I drop him immediately, there is no way to adapt and thus the only way to win is sheer luck. I like the music though.


agree, the physics feels inconsistent..
the rules are consistent btw, but the feeling is definitely not.
just to try to clarify those are the grabbing logic behind the scenes:

  •  grabbing with the mouse is timed.. after couple of milliseconds you loose grip.
    if grip is not lost then you can finish the level in less then 10 sec - just grab Washing and move around however you want.. 
  • When Washy touches the floor (any of the platforms) you can not grab him. this is one is super confusing and makes it feel broken because he almost never "fully" touches a surface.. usually he will bounce a little bit or something which makes the grabbing mechanics less consistent.

so those 2 are consistent but feels confusing and their combinations even more.
I spent a LOT of time of the Game Jame (48 hours) on tweaking the controls and physics, ended up with a far from perfect result.. 
the conflict is between making it challenging but yet feel solid and consistent

as you can see I left it for in the first side of two :/
if you have any thoughts how to improve on this Ill be super happy to hear 

and thanks for playing and caring enough to comment - warms my heart :)


Well, the main issue I was having is I kept trying to fling Washy into the air only to have the mouse let go sooner than I was expecting and have him plummet into the spikes, I'd recommend having a set amount of time that stays consistent that you're allowed to hold washy however brief, that allows the player to plan their clicks around when around when the time is going to run out instead of having to rely on the mercy of RNG and it doesn't ruin the challenge because if they mistime it, or misclick, they will lose, so I think that'd be a good place to start. :)


thanks! yea its a good idea,  ill change it as you proposing.

I fell to the know trap of any developer - you play test your 
game so much during development that by the time you get to small balancing and tweaking 
you become a master and it seems "too easy" then you make it too hard to the new 
first time player.. it happens to me every time, EVERY TIME.. 
one of the reasons play testing are so important.

fun fact- at start I made the timeout for about 1.5 seconds than I got afraid that its to easy to move Washy around and started to cut
the time down, until I got to around 300ms in the final version :/

Thanks your feedback is valuable as gold for this game and my next ones :)
so highly appreciate it